Most peoples earliest memories of video games will be with the likes of Sonic, Super Mario and Alex The Kid and no matter how advanced computer games become we’ll still have a place in our hearts for replaying those addictive side-scrolling pixelated levels over and over again just because you left it too late to jump over the spikes am I right?

Well nows the time to give it another go with Kid Tripp!

Run! jump! dodge! die! die! Collect coins! lose em! To make the game more playable than other iOS platformers the character runs automatically to the right, all you need to is time your jumps well and throw rocks at the baddies. Sounds easy? Well it most definitely isn’t. You will start with 10 extra lives which you’ll burn through in seconds, however the fast and frequent deaths will have you trying ‘just one more time’ and the satisfaction when you pass a stage is awesome, especially ig you get the medals for collecting all the coins too.

The game itself is beautifully presented with a great 8bit soundtrack to properly take you back to the old console days, sat right in front of the TV with controller connected by A CABLE (lol)

Kid Tripp is on the AppStore now for 69p and is worth every penny