Theres a lot of these simple looking simply designed games popping up at the minute (one of my favourites being Groops) but this really is one of the best.

You connect shapes across a grid with a line until all the same shapes are connected with a start and end point and all gate thingies have been crossed. To be honest I’m not even sure how to explain it without it sounding like some absolute algabreic nonsense but the goal is actually really simple and the learning curve from level to level is perfect. Im stuck on one level at the moment but I haven’t given up and over the past week I’ve found myself going back to have another go which is the sign of a genuinely good puzzle game amirite.

Here is the short promotional video:

LYNE is on the AppStore now for iPhone and iPad (as well as being available for Android and Windows devices) and is well worth a download if you’re a fan of very tough but very nice puzzlers!