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Most peoples earliest memories of video games will be with the likes of Sonic, Super Mario and Alex The Kid and no matter how advanced computer games become we’ll still have a place in our hearts for replaying those addictive side-scrolling pixelated levels over and over again just because you left it too late to jump over the spikes am I right?

Well nows the time to give it another go with Kid Tripp!

Run! jump! dodge! die! die! Collect coins! lose em! To make the game more playable than other iOS platformers the character runs automatically to the right, all you need to is time your jumps well and throw rocks at the baddies. Sounds easy? Well it most definitely isn’t. You will start with 10 extra lives which you’ll burn through in seconds, however the fast and frequent deaths will have you trying ‘just one more time’ and the satisfaction when you pass a stage is awesome, especially ig you get the medals for collecting all the coins too.

The game itself is beautifully presented with a great 8bit soundtrack to properly take you back to the old console days, sat right in front of the TV with controller connected by A CABLE (lol)

Kid Tripp is on the AppStore now for 69p and is worth every penny


Theres a lot of these simple looking simply designed games popping up at the minute (one of my favourites being Groops) but this really is one of the best.

You connect shapes across a grid with a line until all the same shapes are connected with a start and end point and all gate thingies have been crossed. To be honest I’m not even sure how to explain it without it sounding like some absolute algabreic nonsense but the goal is actually really simple and the learning curve from level to level is perfect. Im stuck on one level at the moment but I haven’t given up and over the past week I’ve found myself going back to have another go which is the sign of a genuinely good puzzle game amirite.

Here is the short promotional video:

LYNE is on the AppStore now for iPhone and iPad (as well as being available for Android and Windows devices) and is well worth a download if you’re a fan of very tough but very nice puzzlers!

You know the sort of game where you run forever collecting stuff to make yourself run even further then be like ‘just one more go’ and ‘ill call in sick’? Like Temple Run and Subway Surfers? Well Kiwi Dash is all about that.

Theres some sort of vague story about a cat thats just stole some statue or something from a bunch of birds and you have to chase it and get it back. I don’t think its actually possible to win the game you just have to run/fly/jump as far as you can without falling, crashing, being hit by rockets, running into enemies, and all that treacherous jazz. Im not gonna lie it is pretty fun and can be quite addictive. Obviously with this sort of game there will be in-app purchases but they’re not neccesary to progress and upgrade as you’re constantly collecting kiwis on each run which are used to buy power-ups, costumes etc

Heres the official release trailer:

With online leader boards, daily challenges and a doable upgrade system Kiwi Dash is definitely worth a download (its free!)

Gaming is always more fun when you’re absolutely annihilating a real person right? Well heres some of the best ways to do that.


This minimalist word game is probably my most played game of all time and easily one of the best free apps you can download.

Connecting you to other players via GameCentre allows you to play unlimited untimed games and make unlimited number of enemies.


The aim of the game is simple: Whoever owns the most letters on the 5×5 grid wins. To claim a letter as your own you just need to use it in a word, the letters don’t even need to be next to each other! Steal your opponents letters to reduce their score and totally surround your letters with your own colour to defend them from being stolen. Words can only be played once so make sure to get the longest possible first. The game ends when the grid is full.

Letterpress is free from the AppStore


You remember Boggle right? Well this is that but without stupid dice things and egg timers. Both players are presented with the same grid of letters and a 2 minute timer and must connect letters in any direction to make as many words as possible before the time is up. Each game is made up three rounds and can be frantic and VERY competitive.


Being able to play against your friends from Facebook & Twitter (absolutely loads of people are on it) as well as random opponents is also a great way to find out which of your mates are completely stupid.

Ruzzle is free on the AppStore


OLO has been out for a while but is a new one to me. A bit like air hockey where you’re flicking puck like things across the board. Each player starts with 5 or 6 OLOs that you have to flick across the screen into your coloured goal, whilst also trying to knock your opponents OLOs out of their goal or reclaim them as your own and it can get very tactical. Whoever has the most points when both players run out of pucks wins. The app itself is very well made with a nice soundtrack and has online leaderboards to keep you trying.


With GameCentre support for online matches as well as local gaming for up to 4 players on the same device this game be really fun.

OLO is priced at £1.49 and is totally worth it

Anybody that enjoys a puzzle game will be familiar with this straight away, or at least you’ll think that at first. Instead of being your regular ‘match three’ game Groops has switched things around a bit.

Each level presents you with a grid of various shapes, some made of a solid colour, some patterned, some with symbols etc

The aim of each level is to find the speicifed number of ‘Groops’. Now a group can be different things, 3 shapes the same but different colours, 3 different shapes the same colour, 3 patterned shapes etc, but as well as matching shapes to make a Groop shapes that are totally different in every way count as a Groop also!

So basically on each stage you need to either find 3 shapes that match or 3 shapes that have absolutely NO similarities whatsoever. Now wether or not you think this sounds confusing IT ABSOLUTELY IS CONFUSING.




The game itself is presented solidly and plays very well, which is absolutely necessary if you’re gonna be spending hours looking at the same level and if you’ve got the brains to complete all the levels (You haven’t) there is also a time attack mode complete with GameCentre leader boards.

Groops is available from the Appstore now at a bargain price of 69p

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