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What can I possibly say about this that isn’t totally obvious? You take a photo, choose a border, choose a font and type a message anywhere over the photo/frame then save it to your Camera Roll or share it to one of your social networks! Simple.
Many apps have tried to replicate the Polaroid experience on mobile devices, most popular obviously would be Instagram, but now Polaroid themselves want a shot at it!

Obviously you can’t print off the photos and stick them in your wallet but it’s as close as you’re gonna get.


The app itself is well made, straight forward and you’ll know what to do instantly. Well worth the 69p price tag.

Polamatic is available on the AppStore now


Well not actually to life, like, theres not gonna be a ‘love you too hon xoxo’ jumping out of your phone anytime soon but whatever.

Wordeo is a new service from some dude that worked at Apple and BBC and now he must be having a mid-life crisis or something cos he’s made an app that in my opinion is a good idea but actually pretty rubbish.

Basically, you type your message, e.g. ‘my dog just ate my grandpa’, and the app will automatically create a kind of slideshow, with random related videos behind some of the words. It does sound like a fun idea but I had a play around with it and even the most popular posts seemed pretty boring and pointless.


Once you’ve created your super jazzy video slideshow message it does only take a few seconds) you can share to Twitter etc and everyone can be like woah check out Michael Bay over here.

Theres a big promo vid on the homepage here


It is free, and you might enjoy playing around with it but sadly its not for me, which is a shame really as the app itself is actually really nice

Check Wordeo on the AppStore

You know what I’m talking about. You start recording a video using your iPhone and you end up switching to portrait, back to landscape, back to portrait again and all sorts of wonkyness resulting in the people watching your videos on a laptop tilting their head sideways and turning their monitor upside down to watch it.

Well Horizon app is the solution for that! Using the iPhones built-in gyroscope the recording window will shift and tilt as your phone is rotated as to always keep the same aspect ratio and make sure all your videos are horizontal. Watch the promo video if it doesn’t make sense:

Aswell as this the app is a solid video tool for anybody keen on making home movies, cosplay music videos and amateur porn.
With various shooting modes, multiple HD resolutions, AirPlay mirroring, filters and sharing to social networks this is a bargain at 69p. You can even take horizontal selfies!

Visit Horizon on the AppStore to download

Recently update for iOS 7, Slow Shutter Cam by Cogitap Software is what I’ve been waiting for in terms of photography apps.

Theres definitely a lot of them out there but they all seem to do the same simple things; Filters, Crops, Frames etc

With Slow Shutter Cam offers 3 unique capture modes:

MOTION BLUR: Just like the shutter priority on a DSLR the motion blur can be used to make ghostly images and those cool waterfall effects you see on arty photo places like 500px and DeviantArt

LOW LIGHT: Using the maximum amount of light the camera sensor can pick up, perfect for really dark photography (you can actually take pictures of the night sky!)

LIGHT TRAIL: This is more of an editing feature but with a bit of ‘light painting’ you can knock up some really nice photographs of fireworks or those ones you see of light trails off the back of a speeding car.


The app also the various photo editing tools you get with most photography apps (adjustable focus/exposure, Self Timer etc)

For some awesome real examples search the #slowshuttercam hashtag on Instagram

Slow shutter Cam is available on the appstore now at a bargain 69p

Polaroids new Socialmatic camera is Instagram with a printer

Obviously Instagram got the idea from Polaroid and now Polaroid are doing the same thing in return like some sort of inspiration inception.

This new Socialmatic camera comes with the Android operating system, has a 14 megaschnitzel sensor and allows you to edit your photos before you upload them directly to your social networks and/or print them off out the little shitty paper thing on the side. Well worth the £200 price tag thats going to come with it..

Heres a guy talking about it at the recent CES 2014 convention

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