You know the sort of game where you run forever collecting stuff to make yourself run even further then be like ‘just one more go’ and ‘ill call in sick’? Like Temple Run and Subway Surfers? Well Kiwi Dash is all about that.

Theres some sort of vague story about a cat thats just stole some statue or something from a bunch of birds and you have to chase it and get it back. I don’t think its actually possible to win the game you just have to run/fly/jump as far as you can without falling, crashing, being hit by rockets, running into enemies, and all that treacherous jazz. Im not gonna lie it is pretty fun and can be quite addictive. Obviously with this sort of game there will be in-app purchases but they’re not neccesary to progress and upgrade as you’re constantly collecting kiwis on each run which are used to buy power-ups, costumes etc

Heres the official release trailer:

With online leader boards, daily challenges and a doable upgrade system Kiwi Dash is definitely worth a download (its free!)