Apple have always been pretty strict on customising certain aspects of their OS so some mods, including the keyboard, have been impossible, unlike Android users who get various alternative keyboards. As a result of this the crazy fast double handed swipe based keyboard is limited to the Hipjot app.

The app itself is actually a pretty dope note-taking app still, definitely a worthy replacement to Apples ridiculously bland default Notes app, although it does take some getting used to. The interface is like no app I’ve ever used and seems to be more like some sort of alien technology than something you’d normally find on an Apple device.


Not only does it give you somewhere to jot down the things your brain simply doesn’t want to remember it comes with a load of other extra features too like reminders, tagging, passcode protection, folders and subfolders, note sharing and exporting, encryption,  photo support and loads more!

Hipjot is available now for £1.49