Anybody that enjoys a puzzle game will be familiar with this straight away, or at least you’ll think that at first. Instead of being your regular ‘match three’ game Groops has switched things around a bit.

Each level presents you with a grid of various shapes, some made of a solid colour, some patterned, some with symbols etc

The aim of each level is to find the speicifed number of ‘Groops’. Now a group can be different things, 3 shapes the same but different colours, 3 different shapes the same colour, 3 patterned shapes etc, but as well as matching shapes to make a Groop shapes that are totally different in every way count as a Groop also!

So basically on each stage you need to either find 3 shapes that match or 3 shapes that have absolutely NO similarities whatsoever. Now wether or not you think this sounds confusing IT ABSOLUTELY IS CONFUSING.




The game itself is presented solidly and plays very well, which is absolutely necessary if you’re gonna be spending hours looking at the same level and if you’ve got the brains to complete all the levels (You haven’t) there is also a time attack mode complete with GameCentre leader boards.

Groops is available from the Appstore now at a bargain price of 69p